Even High School Teachers Need Cute Decorations!

As a high school teacher, it isn't often I change my bulletin boards or anything hanging on the walls in my classroom.  I mean there is stuff there, but even I am getting kind of bored by it :)

So, maybe this year I will work changing it up a little more often.  One thing I want to try is some type of Post It to Prove It.  I got the idea from Jennifer Smith-Sloane's Blog Post (see it here.)

The general idea that you use this as an exit ticket - students write the answer to some question on a post it.  As they leave the room, they put their post it on the white board.  Cool - students see their work in the room and I see if they understand what we did!  With all of the back to school sales, I will have to stock up on post-its :)

In addition - I need posters - cute math posters!!

If you need some too, hop on over to my TPT store and grab this FREE new poster.

Fractions are Your Friends Poster

If you have suggestions for classroom decorations for me - please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Have a good day!

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