Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Realized Something Today

I realized something about myself's really weird...I count things.  Yes, I know you are thinking a math teacher that counts things...of course you do!  But, I realized that I count things without knowing I am counting them.  Like, for example, when the copy machine is copying, I realize in the middle that I am on copy 47.

Have you ever played the game where you have to guess how many things are in a jar?  When I look at something like that, a number comes to me - I don't calculate anything, I just think of a number.  I'm always pretty close to the number of things in a jar.

Years ago, I had a student - Emily her name was - she is probably the best math student I have ever had.  She could just see things that the other kids couldn't.  She was also my student aide.  She was in my office one day when she got out a box of tic-tacs.  One of my other aides said, "Hey can I have one?"  I watched Emily slowly - as slowly as she could, hand over the box of tic-tacs.  She obviously didn't really want to share, but couldn't think of a reason not to.  

Later, after the other student left, she said, "Did you know that there are almost always 36 tic-tacs in a package?  I usually try to eat them 4 at a time so that I will have an even number in each serving of tic-tacs."  Therein lay the problem that she was faced with when she was asked to share - who knew how many tic-tacs the other person would take?  If she didn't know, she was likely to end up with an odd number of tic-tacs at the end of the package.  Not a comfortable feeling for her!

Math people are weird : )


  1. Math people are weird, I will definitely attest to this. I am weird... I cannot do anything without counting or calculating. My newest one is Oreoes with the kids. We always have to eat an even number, and with three kids, and the two oldest will eat two in a sitting, but my daughter only eats one. It drives me nuts! I don't like odd numbers of Oreoes left in the package. Ok, I'll stop. :)

  2. Erin - Ha ha - I always knew this about you : )

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