This year I am teaching Pre-Calculus - Yay :)  I have taught the course before, but it has been several years ago.  We are going to be working on analyzing functions soon, so I thought I might do a round up of activities/lessons/worksheets that I have found that look like they might be good to use in class.

1)  Analyzing Functions from Graphs and Tables - This is my own set of worksheets that I made this summer once I knew that I was going to be teaching this course.  

This set contains 7 worksheets.  

Worksheets 1 and 2: Students will work with a single graph and answer questions about function values, where a function has a maximum or minimum, what the maximum or minimum value is, and where a function is increasing or decreasing.

Worksheets 3 and 4: Students will be given two different functions on a single graph. Students will work on finding values of things like f(x) + g(x); f(x) – g(x); (f(x))(g(x)); f(x)/g(x); and combinations of these functions.

Worksheets 5: Students will be given two different functions on a single graph. Students will work on finding the value of the composition of the two functions.

Worksheets 6 and 7: Students will be given a table with values for f(x) and g(x). Students will use the table to find the value of the composition of functions.

Would you like to see a sample page from this packet?  Here is a link to the first page [FREE] - if you find it useful, I hope you might leave a comment on this post or a rating on TPT :)  FREEBIE!

If you like the sample page, here is a link to the full product on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Full Product - Analyzing Functions from Graphs and Tables

2)  Next up from my friend Jean Adams at Flamingo Math - Here is a Functions and Graphs Stations Activity.  You can use this activity at the end of your unit - students love getting up and moving around the classroom!

3)  Do you need help teaching function notation?  Here is a link to a blog post from my friend Karrie at Mrs. E. Teaches Math  How I Teach Function Notation.  Need to follow up?  Try this maze with Operations on Functions.

4)  Need help with the composition of functions?  Try these two activities:

     A) from Janet Knox:  Composition of Functions Cut and Paste

     B) from Sandy Pinder (Weatherly):  Composition of Functions Worksheet

Hope these help!

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