We are a 1:1 ipad school and I love it!  I have found many uses for technology in my classroom - see previous posts about using google slides, Crossword Puzzles, etc.

But one thing I never thought I would use is a Discussion Board.  I can see the value in a discussion board in an English or History course, but I didn't really feel that it would be something I would use in my high school math class. day right before exams I gave a review guide and I did not have time to go over the entire thing.  [It was a great review guide if I do say so myself : ) ]  I really wanted my students to do it and they needed a little extra I decided to try the discussion board that we have in our LMS (Learning Management System) - we use Schoology.
I give my students a page each week to help them review math concepts that we are learning or have learned in the past. Sometimes i...