OK, I'm sure this isn't a GENIUS idea, but I just thought of it and I think it will save me some time.
My classes like some of the ideas that I've used this year to make our notebooks more interactive - and actually, I've really liked them too.  One thing I've really liked is I can preprint some of the notes and they can put them right in their notebooks where they are supposed to keep such things!  One thing I have really NOT liked is the gluing!  Who knew how fast those little glue sticks get used up???  Next year I will definitely have to ask each kid to bring their own - that will definitely help.

So, to help solve this problem, I started thinking about stickers - how about if we just stick some things into their notebook?  Of course this won't work for everything, but it did work for a topic we are currently working on in calculus...writing equations of tangent lines.  It drives me nuts how many kids just REFUSE to learn this topic.  I've had kids tell me before, well, I knew I was going to have to find the equation of the tangent line, but I don't know how to do that, so I skipped that one.  UGHHHH!! Way to drive me absolutely nuts - I mean we've done 10,000 equation of tangent line problems.

So, last night I made STICKERS!  These are formatted to fit on Avery labels 5163.  I am going to have my students stick these into their notebooks.  And every once in awhile, maybe I'll make a new sticker for something else I really want them to next time maybe the derivatives of trig functions.

Have a great day!

ETA:  Another thing I just thought of - this would be a much easier place to add some color if you needed to - not as much color to print, but it would still look nice for each student.

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