Teacher Tech Tip of the Month - September

Welcome to this month's edition of Tech Tip of the Month.  I hope to make this a monthly linky party on my blog - the first Friday of the month.

I will blog about Tech Tips that I find, and I hope you will add your ideas from blog posts or from products that you have that use technology!

This month, my tech tip is about a app called JotNot.  Have you ever heard of this handy little app?  I heard about it from one of the teachers in my department.

Although the pro version of this app is 99 cents, there is a lite version that is free.

This app will allow you to turn your phone or iPad into a scanner!  

At first when I saw this app - I thought to myself, why would I need that - I can take a picture with my phone?  But, the beauty of this app is that you can turn your scan into a pdf (along with other file types).  So, it can be handy to take a scan of notes that I wrote on the whiteboard and then print them out to give to students.  Or, I can scan my handwritten solutions to homework problems and then post them, or print them out.  The information about the app even suggests that you can upload to dropbox or google docs!

What is your favorite tech tip you blogged about or discovered?  Either comment or add a link to this linky party!

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