This is a post about task cards and puzzles I have created for my AP Physics class.  I teach AP Physics - Mechanics.  So, these activities are specifically geared for that course, but could be used in other Mechanics courses as well (some could even be usefully in calculus).

Check them out :)

1)  Free Fall Task Cards - this is a set of 10 task cards that students can use to practice solving problems about Free Fall.  Each task card includes a QR Code that can be scanned so students have immediate feedback.

2)  Potential and Kinetic Energy and Conservation of Energy Task Cards - this is a set of 12 task cards that students can use to practice solving problems about Energy.  This packet also includes two worksheets that can be used as examples about a pendulum and a roller coaster.  QR codes are included on each task card.

3) Coming Soon - Projectile Motion Cards

4)  End of Year Word Puzzles - do you need something to fill some time or a short sub activity?  My students loved these Crossword and Word Search Puzzles.  The word search puzzle gives the symbol for various different physics terms and students will find the word that goes with the symbol.  The crossword puzzle features 25 different vocabulary words that students should be familiar with by the end of a mechanics course.

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