Teaching slope and writing equations of lines is REALLY IMPORTANT!  I tell my students that no matter how much you wish this topic would just go away, it will be with you throughout all of the rest of your math classes.

I have to admit, the topic of slope was a mystery to me when I first started learning algebra.  I mean I knew the formula but I made no connections to what slope actually was.  I don't know if that was my misunderstanding, or the way my teachers presented it - I'm sure it was me :)

Students need to have a solid understanding of slope, y-intercept, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and writing equations of lines in order to be successful in calculus.

Here are a few ideas and activities I have found that I think will allow students to practice these ideas without boring worksheets.

1)  Slope Posters  -

This is a link to slope posters that I have in my TPT store that uses cute superhero graphics to show the different types of slope.

2) Monster Themed Power Point Presentation -

This is a presentation that presents information about finding the slope and y-intercept of a line from a graph with fun monster graphics.

This is a link to Monster Power Point Presentation in my TPT store.

3) Equations of Lines Christmas Puzzle -

This is a puzzle that you could use at the end of your unit on writing equations of lines.  Students solve 22 questions and then match their answers to form the answer to a funny Christmas riddle.

Here is a link to my Christmas Equations of Lines Puzzle
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