Bulletin Boards for High School Math

A dilemma I face every year...what to put up on my bulletin and yet functional :)  I am in awe of elementary teachers - they change their bulletin boards so frequently and they are always so CUTE!

I am ashamed to say that I am lucky if I change my bulletin boards once a year...(I am hanging my head!)

So, it is my new school year resolution to do a better job!  But, it's not just the two bulletin boards I have hanging in my's also extra space on my white boards - what could I put up that my students might find interesting to look at?

Here are some ideas for things that I have made and am going to put up in my classroom this year:

1) Sudoku Bulletin Board - My students love this one!  This packet contains everything you need to create this Sudoku Puzzle on your bulletin board.  Great for fast finishers.  You put up numbers to start the puzzle and off your students go!  Check it out Sudoku Bulletin Board.

2) Famous Mathematicians Posters - I don't know about you, but I am always trying to sneak in some math history - that is something cool and interesting that we don't have too much time to talk about in high school math.  Here are 32 posters that give a really short snippet of information about each of the mathematicians.  Maybe you are talking about a specific topic that pertains to one of these mathematicians - put just that one mathematician up on your white board.  Or, you could put them all up to make a cool bulletin board.  Check them out here: Famous Mathematicians Posters

3)  Just for Fun Math Posters Bundle - Sometimes your students just need something fun to look at.  In this bundle, there are currently 15 posters.  They all have something to do with math.  For example, there is one that says:  What if math teachers were pirates, and they just want us to find x so they can get the treasure?  Check them out here:  Just for Fun Math Posters

4) Parent Functions Bulletin Board - This one is for a specific time of year, or maybe you could use it as a word wall and keep it up all year!  This contains 12 posters that give information about the basic parent functions.  On each poster there is a picture of the graph and the domain and range are given.  Also included in this packet: a student reference sheet that could be put in students' interactive notebooks and a cute mini book students could make. Check it all out here: Parent Function Bulletin Board

5) Think o Grams -  Sometimes called picture puzzles or rebuses, here are 50 of them that you can print and use on a really fast bulletin board.  There are 2 to each page.  Even if you don't use them for a bulletin board, they would be great to post on your magnetic white board each day for students to see when they come in the room.  Check them out here: Think O Grams Bulletin Board

6) Can You Solve This - You've definitely seen puzzles like this floating around the internet.  This set has 20 puzzles.  Each puzzle contains three pictures with unknown values.  The object is to find the value of each picture.  Most puzzles deal with positive numbers only, but some do contain problems where one or more of the pictures has a negative value.  Students must be able to use the basic operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Check them out here: Can You Solve This Puzzles

7) Hexagon Shaped Math Symbols -   Grab some astrobrights paper and copy these hexagons with symbols.  Cute them out and post.  Makes a stunning bulletin board or would be great to fill any empty space.  I have had lots of compliments on this in my own classroom.  Check it out here: Hexagon Shaped Math Symbols 

8) 50 Funny Jokes for your Bulletin Board - my newest bulletin board idea!  A collection of 50 awesome jokes on 8.5 x 11 paper in full color.  These will definitely make your class smile.  I'm going to use these a couple at a time on a bulletin board and/or project one from my computer at the beginning of a lesson.  

Here are two examples of jokes from this file:

Check this collection out here 50 Funny Jokes for Your Bulletin Board 

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