First Day of Math Class - Win one of 5 TPT Gift Cards!

It's going to be the best school year ever!  Time for new students, new ideas, new uses of technology!  My STEM teachers friends and I got together and we are sponsoring 5 $25 gift cards that we are giving away - go all the way to the bottom of this post to check it out :)

But first, I'd like to give you some first day/week of school ideas.  I hate the read the syllabus I'll give you my rules first days.  I like to actually have an idea of something students can DO!  (The only problem I've found with this is that students come to school EXPECTING that teachers will just be reading the syllabus to them that they don't even bring a pencil - so be sure to have some on hand!)

1) #MathIs - I am totally stealing this from Sarah Hagan at Math = Love.  She had the idea to have the students write a tweet about what Math Is.  She actually gave them a paper with 140 boxes marked out so they wouldn't use more characters than an actual tweet.  But I am going to give them a post it with #MathIs written on the top and then have them put their post it on one big poster.  I have to be honest - I'm thinking that is going to be a nice decoration for the hallway :)  Did you know it's easy to print things on post its?  Here is a picture of the document I made with #MathIs at the top.  Run it through the printer with the post its attached and there you have it!

2) Line Them Up - We have a leadership program at my school and I like to see who my leaders are going to be.  Here is a great review activity for Geometry students.  Give each student a card with an equation on it.  Give them a few minutes to solve the equation.  Now have them line up in the order of their solutions from smallest to largest.  Want an even bigger challenge?  Have the line up without talking!  Check this activity out here: Line Them Up Activity

3) Save Fred - There are many save Fred ideas on the internet.  This is a good activity for any time of year, but it would be fun on one of the first days to just get your students to work together and get to know each other a little bit.  It's a non-threatening activity that everyone can do.  The basic idea is that Fred is a gummy worm and is on a sinking boat.  You have to "save" him from sinking by using paper clips, a gummy life saver (life preserver), and your partner.  (You can't use your hands!)  This is a super fun activity - there are some variations of it - I can't link you to all of them - google Save Fred and you will find a bunch.

Now...on to the Giveaway!

Here are the sponsors of this giveaway...

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Best Wishes for a great school year and good luck in the raffle!

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