5 Ways to Give Your Students Math Practice without the Worksheet

A start to the new school year is a great time to try out some new ideas in class.  Here are 5 ways that you can have your students practice math without the worksheet.

1) Task Cards - I use task cards pretty often in my math classes.  Usually, I use task cards that have QR Codes on them so the students can check their answers themselves.  For some reason, my students love having the individual problems printed on cards instead of a worksheet.  They love that they can use their technology to check their answers.  Another great thing about task cards is that they work for all levels - they aren't too "babyish" for older kids and even much younger ones can get the idea of how to scan the QR Code.

Here is an example of one of my task cards for Geometry - Measuring Angles.

And one from one of my Algebra Sets - Solving Two Step Equations.

2) Mazes - If you can somehow incorporate a game into the student's practice - that is awesome.  You are sneaking in the practice and they are having fun!  Mazes are self-checking and easy for you to grade - just check the student's path through the maze.  I have found that I can even convince my seniors to do a maze :)

Here is an example of one of my Mazes for Middle School - Fractions!

3) Play Bingo - Bingo takes a little bit of time to setup, but it's worth it in the end.  It's a game that most students already know the rules for, and every student can play.  There are online sites that can help you and/or your students set up your bingo cards such as Bingo Baker.  If you happen to need a set to practice working with integers - here's a bingo set I made:

4) Use Kahoot - Kahoot is one of my student's favorite games to play in class.  In order to play this game, each student will need some type of electronic device.  A question is put up on the screen and students are rewarded for the correct answer.  It takes a little bit to set up a kahoot game, but there are many premade games available that you can edit and adapt to your own curriculum.  Check out this website for more details:  Kahoot

5)  Quizlet Live - This is my favorite find from the end of the school year last year.  Using the popular quizlet platform, students are formed into teams and compete against the other teams to finish first.  I loved this experience because after I set up the questions, quizlet did all the work - formed the teams, kept track of who got what right, and showed the winners.  This did get pretty noisy, but the kids seriously loved it!  You can make your own, or edit quizlets that other people have made.  Check it out here: Quizlet Live

What other types of practice do you do - that doesn't involve a worksheet?

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