Do you teach conic sections?  It's a fun topic that has lots of real world examples you can talk about.

For example, check out my post on the parabola (Parabola Blog Post)...and the ellipse (Ellipse Blog Post)...

But, there's lots of confusing vocabulary...and algebra too!

Students need lots of practice.

I have created some task cards to help students practice working with each of the types of conic sections.

Here is a picture of the ellipse task cards.

(Check this out here: Ellipse Task Cards)

I also have been working on an activity students can do digitally...awesome - no paper :)  In this activity, students look at a graph of a conic section and match it to its equation.  There are 4 pages which contain equations and graphs for each of the conic sections.

(Check this out here:  Digital Interactive Math Conic Sections Activity)

And, for you dear blog reader...a FREEBIE - here is a link to a Conic Sections Word Search - free in my TPT Store:

Conic Section Word Search FREEBIE!

Seriously...Bulletin Boards...the bane of my existence - really you want me to change the bulletin boards AND teach kids the quadratic form...