Need to Decorate your Secondary Classroom? Just for Fun Math Posters

Seriously...Bulletin Boards...the bane of my existence - really you want me to change the bulletin boards AND teach kids the quadratic formula???

I start the year with good intentions, but how is it that the same thing I put there in August is still there???  I guess I just get busy - incorporating technology, grading papers, going to meetings, keeping up with paperwork, and ...oh yeah...TEACHING! that I forget to change the bulletin boards :)

Then I got to thinking, maybe I could create some mini-posters that I could keep in my closet and change them out every once in awhile.  I'll make a note in my super cool teacher organizer each month and remember to change them monthly or so.

So, here are a couple of samples of posters that are in my Just for Fun Math Posters Bundle:

1) Math Teachers Are Pirates


2) I see you have some graph paper
3) Keep Calm ... Do the Math

4)  Albert Einstein Quote.

There are 9 posters in this bundle so far...I'll be adding more as I think of other things to add.  Check them out here:

Just for Fun Math Posters Bundle

Here's a selection of items that others have for fun decorations in the Secondary Math Classroom:

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