Now that my classes are consistently back in person and all students are present, I am creating quick activities for my class to use to practice their algebra skills.  These are great for me to assess their skills in a non-threatening way - plus they are just fun!

In geometry we are about to start working on right triangles and simplifying radicals is a necessary skill.  So we are going to start with a review of working with radicals.  First up...being able to simplify them...

This is where my Domino Activity comes in.  Students are given 10 dominos (plus a start and finish domino).  Students start by simplifying the radical on the domino labeled START.

Once they simplify the radical on the first domino, they search for the simplified form on another domino.

They continue in this manner until they reach the FINISH domino.

My class enjoyed this activity and I hope yours will too!

Check it out in my TPT store here: Simplifying Radicals Activity