Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun Math Lessons and Activities for the End of the School Year

It's time to start counting down the days...this year it seems like the warmer weather hit in the MidWest and the kids are DONE!  It's so hard to keep their attention, so I am on the lookout for fabulous ideas to keep them focused and learning :)

Here are 4 I found:

1) I really love this idea...a math activity with a movie or book that kids love!  This particular activity goes with the movie How to Train Your Dragon, so I think it would best be used in middle school.  According to the description, this activity has problems that include the topics: fractions, decimals, percents, probability, area, perimeter, stem and leaf, and more - that is sooooo cool! (made by Lisa Blagus)

2)  One idea I've been noticing lately is people designing a character and then taking him or her through a variety of situations.  If you teach trig, you should try this series of lessons for a review...Brocky McTrig.  There are 6 lessons altogether.  I originally though I might be able to use these in geometry, but I definitely think they are better for Trig. (made by Lorraine Darwin)

3) I have often thought about playing Bingo with my math class, but making the bingo cards all different  aaargghhh - what a PAIN!  I have had my class make their own bingo cards before, but it takes so long, and some kids don't quite get it!  Gina Wilson had a fabulous idea and made a BINGO template in Word.  Check it out here...BINGO Template (made by Gina Wilson)

4) Didn't you love scavenger hunts when you were a kid?  Here is an example of a way you can review  math concepts at the end of the year and still have fun at the same time - a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt. Have each child bring a newspaper and this checklist and they'll have a meaningful task that will keep them engaged :)  (made by Mathematic Fanatic)

Do you have your own favorite end of the year math lesson?

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  1. I alway find multimedias for my student how to learn and how to teached them to get this lesson. Thank you.