Thinking About Ways to Get Students Involved - Fun In the Classroom!

I'm already thinking about next school year!  I am excited about two purchases I made yesterday on

The first one is a set of Learning Resource Buzzers.

Each of these buzzers makes a different sound (honk, doorbell, boxing bell, and boing!).  I also bought a set of similar buzzers that make animal noises.  Cool!  I already have my class get into groups quite a bit, so this will be a fun way to have challenging competitions.  And, best of all, I won't have to be the judge of who answered first - I am hoping it will be easy to tell since each group will have a different sound.

I also purchased a set of  Magnetic Whiteboard Spinners.

I am envisioning drawing a circle on the board with the student's choices - whatever they might be - and then giving the spinner a spin.  I won't have to be the bad guy - a way to liven up math class.  What could be better :)

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