What Great Teachers Do Differently

Are you familiar with this book?

I got it for Christmas and it is terrific!

If you are so inclined, here is a link to look at this book on amazon...What Great Teachers Do Differently.

I have read about half of it so far and it really hits home with me about the various teachers I have had in my life, the teachers I have observed, and even about myself.  There are a ton of great stories in this book that really show why certain attitudes of a teacher will help with class discipline, the learning of students, and the general class atmosphere.  If I could sum things up…it basically comes down to compassion and awareness.  Compassion for your students and awareness about what is going on around you.  I am going to try to think about this book as I go through my days and interact with my students.  I hope someday I can be GREAT :)

If I could humbly add one more thing that Great Teachers Do Differently, especially in high school, would be great teachers have to be completely in command of their subject area.  Kids can quickly see through you…maybe this is especially true in math class.  You have to be able to solve the problems assigned and make connections to other problems and topics.  You have to be able to answer the question what if…and why?  One of my biggest pieces advice to new math teachers is that you MUST do the homework you assign.  Problems that you think were about to go one way can quickly go another and as a new teacher you need to see that before anyone else!

So it's snowy and cold here in the Midwest - I am predicting no school tomorrow - how about you?

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