What are You Doing for Pi Day?

It's a great big math holiday!

Pi Day - March 14th - 3/14 - get it???

I love having a big celebration for Pi Day in my Geometry classes.  I don't put on a big celebration in my other classes because I really love having something special for the kids to look forward to in Geometry.

I have celebrated Pi Day in various ways over the years, but here are some of my favorite activities.

1) Have a Pi recitation contest - Tell students about this ahead of time.  You will be surprised which kids take on this challenge.  Some kids will be able to memorize hundreds of digits!   As a suggestion - find a webpage that shows the digits of pi and project them onto the screen in your classroom.  Have the students turn and face the class.   The student can recite the digits while the class watches.  They will love it and be totally amazed!

2) Make Happy Pi Day stickers for everyone in the school to wear - anything to promote math!  (Keep reading - you just might find a link to a free set of Pi Day stickers at the end of this post :)

3)  Do you have access to iPads or computers in your classroom?  Try my Pi Webquest!

Students will explore various websites and answer fun questions about the number Pi!  I have also included 2 forms of a word search about the number pi.

4)  Of course every student's favorite question - Are we going to get to eat pi(e)?  If the answer to that question in your classroom is yes - try my Pi Day Placemat

This is a placemat similar to what kids get in a restaurant - except it has fun facts about pi!  Laminate and reuse from year to year.

5) Another activity I've tried before is making a Pi Day bracelet with beads.  I bought a huge bucket of beads from a craft store and assigned each digit from 0 to 9 a color.  I projected the first 50 digits of the number pi on the screen and away they went.  They each had something to take away from our Pi Day celebration.

If you are planning to celebrate Pi Day this year, head on over to this link on Teachers Pay Teachers and you can download my Pi Day Stickers for FREE.  They are formatted to fit on Avery 5163 stickers.     If you don't have stickers, you could just print on card stock, cut, and then hand them out.

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