Calculus AP Fun Review!

Reviewing for the Calculus AP Exam is so important, but it is enough to make me want to hit my head against the wall!  [[What do you mean you don't remember the value of sin (π/2)? ]]

So, who among us couldn't use more review material??  One thing that I think could help my class is just trying to get instant recall for certain things, like the derivatives of the trig functions and the formulas for mean value theorem and average value.

So, I created a Calculus Card Sort which students can use like flash cards or like a matching game.  There are 32 cards in this sort.  Here are examples of 4 of the cards:

In addition, I have a Calculus Review Outline and Study Guide - this isn't really that FUN, but it does help students review all the topics - complete with problems - in an organized manner.  (I have also included an answer key for you :)

Need more???  Check out my calculus review bundle!

Calculus AB Review Bundle

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