Fun High School Math Bulletin Board

I saw this idea the other day on Pinterest - a Sudoku Bulletin Board.  I was thinking - that is the coolest thing ever!

So, I made my own!

Sometimes my students get to class early and they need something to do.  Sometimes they finish early and they need something to do.

So, I thought as a group effort they could work on solving a Sudoku Puzzle.

Here is how the Bulletin Board would look (currently displayed on my kitchen floor since I am trying to deny the fact that it is almost August for as long as possible :)

In the picture, you will see a Sudoku puzzle set up.  I have similar pieces that have red numbers on them that the students would use to fill in the puzzle as they figure out where the numbers go.  You can kind of see in the puzzle that there are velcro tabs on the puzzle so I can change it around as often as the puzzle gets solved.

I also made this really cool blank Sudoku sheet that you can use to make your own puzzle, or students can use it to record their solutions to the puzzle on the bulletin board.  (This sheet is available for FREE in my TPT store :)  Grab it here:  Blank Sudoku Puzzle

If you are interested in the entire Sudoku Bulletin Board Package, grab it here:  Sudoku Bulletin Board

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