Super Secret Number Puzzles - Calculus Edition (FREEBIE!)

I have developed an activity that can infuse a little excitement into the classroom while students practice valuable skills.

The idea in this activity is that students are given a set of problems (usually between 8 and 10) that help them practice a very specific skill.

Students solve all of the problems that are given.  Then they find the sum of all of their answers (this is the super secret number) and then…(here's the fun part) they check to see if they have correct super secret number by scanning the QR Code that I post in front of the room.  [If you don't have QR capabilities, you can still use this activity - you can just wait until the students are finished and TELL them the Super Secret Number - it's still fun :) ]

I have Super Secret Number activities available for the following Calculus Topics:

1) Chain Rule

2) Equation of Tangent Line

3) Implicit Differentiation

4) Position, Velocity and Acceleration

5) Curve Sketching

6) Natural Logs and Exponential Function Derivatives

7) Riemann Sums and Trapezoidal Rule

But, just for you blog reader, I have a bonus Super Secret Number Puzzle - Finding the Value of a Derivative at a Point!

Download it here:

Derivative at a Point

Are you interested in buying the bundle?  Click Here:

Super Secret Puzzle Calculus Bundle

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