Algebra One Fun Mazes and Other Activities

Algebra One - where it all begins!  Kids as young as 6th or 7th grade are in this course - they are still little :)  They still are willing to have fun in math class - and hey let's face it - even those of us who have kids in 9th or 10th grade taking Algebra - we need a fun activity every once in awhile.  So what can we do?

Here are two ideas:

1)  Have students practice the skill you are working on within a maze.  They will go back to their earlier childhood and remember the fun they had working mazes - and you can sneak in the practice!

Here is a maze that I created for solving one and two step equations - you can download it FOR FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

If you really liked that maze - I have a whole bundle of Algebra One Mazes you might like to look at - check these out here:

2)  I am also currently working on a new type of activity called A Stick To It activity.  In this activity, students will be given a small sheet of stickers with answers to the questions on the sheet.  As they work out the problems, they find the answer on their sheet of stickers and stick the correct answer on the worksheet.  If you have Avery Labels 8167 available, you can print the stickers for students to use.  If you don't happen to have stickers available, you can always have your students cut and paste.

Here are two examples of my Stick To It activities:


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