AP Saturday - An All School Workshop

I had been thinking all winter about how to entice my AP Calculus students to come in on a {gasp} Saturday or Sunday to review with me.  I know they are all busy...they are in many activities and have many other AP classes to study for.

So, I brainstormed with the other AP teachers at my school, and we came up with the idea of AP Saturday.  Here's the general idea:

We started the day off in our Leadership Center with a general pep talk to all of the students.

After the pep talk, students were dismissed to attend half hour sessions of their own choosing.  Each teacher that was present divided the two and a half time period into 5 specific sessions.  Students were given a schedule that listed what each teacher was planning for each half hour session.  (For example - from 9:30 - 10:00 my students and I worked on reviewing area and volume - from 10:00 to 10:30 we reviewed separable differential equations and so on.)  Publishing ahead of time what we each planned on talking about allowed students to pick and choose what they felt they needed to attend.

I bribed gave my students 2 points extra credit for each session they attended.  Some students came, some didn't, but I believe this offered students the opportunity to review and ask questions in a relaxed environment.

Involving other AP Teachers in the school got more people involved and enticed more students to come and study :)

We ended the day by having pizza together in the cafeteria.

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