Math Lessons from the Swimming Pool

My daughter loves math and no matter what we are doing, she always wants me to teach her a math lesson.  Since we have been spending a lot of time in the pool, I came up with some things we could talk about while in the pool.

1) What's the temperature?  We talked about using the thermometer to find the temperature of the pool.  We also talked about why there are two different scales on the thermometer.  Fahrenheit vs Celsius.

2)  Let's play a game with points - throw the rings around the flamingo head...  (we can practice addition for my younger daughter and maybe some counting by 5s or 10s...maybe some probability for my older daughter)

3) How many people do you think could fit in this pool if they were all laying down?  How many people could fit if they were all standing up?

4)  How much water does the pool hold?  How could we find out?  What shape is the pool?

5)  This pool needs some more water.  Do you see the path that the water follows?

These are just some ideas that I cam up with rather quickly...what other math lessons do you teach in your pool?

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