A Scavenger Hunt in Your Seat (and a FREEBIE!)

I recently have been trying something new in my classroom - scavenger hunts that can be accomplished by each student in their seat.  No moving around the classroom...sometimes movement is good, but sometimes you just need students to do an activity where they stay in their seats :)

In this activity (sometimes called a circuit - thank you to Virge Cornelius for this idea), students are given a number of problems to do.  They start in the upper left hand corner with problem #1.  They work to complete problem number one.  After they have figured out the solution to problem #1, they look for the answer to that problem somewhere else on the page.  This becomes problem number two.

Students seem to enjoy these activities as they are self-checking.

PRO TIP: Work circuits yourself before giving them to students as they sometimes take unexpected twists and turns.

Would you like to try this activity with your geometry class?  

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Scavenger Hunt In Your Seat

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