Calculus Curve Sketching Activities and a FREEBIE!

It's that time of year in AP Calculus - teaching Curve Sketching and everything that goes along with it.  According to the new AP Calculus AB Guidelines, Unit 5 - Analytical Applications of Differentiation makes up between 15% and 18% of the AP Exam.  Unit 5 contains all of the information about Curve Sketching, so it is very important that students have a good handle on this topic.

Here are 5 activities that I use in my classroom for students to review all of the things!

Calculus Two Truths and a Lie Curve Sketching
1)  Two Truths and a Lie - Curve Sketching.  This is one of the best activities I do all year in calculus.  Students love it! In this activity, students are given an equation.  They then write 3 statements about the function.  Two are true and one is a lie.  These posters are hung around the room.  Students go through a gallery walk deciding which statements are true and which are lies.

Calculus Curve Sketching Color by Number

2) Curve Sketching Color by Number - In this activity, students practice finding the characteristics of curves.  For example, where is the maximum...over what intervals is the function increasing...where is the inflection point, etc.  Even high school students love to color!

                                              Calculus Curve Sketching Line Them Up Activity

3) Line Them Up Activity - In this activity, students are given a set of cards.  Students begin with any card.  In the middle and bottom half of the card there is a question.  Students search for the answer to that question at the top of another card.  They then do the question on that card and so on.  The last card should have its answer at the top of the starting card.  There are two sets of cards included in this activity.

                                              Writing about Math - Calculus - Curve Sketching

4) Writing About Curve Sketching - Having students write about curves and their important characteristics is very important because on the AP Test, students must justify their answer.  This means that the students need practice doing this!  In this activity, there are 5 writing prompts that students are asked to write about.

                                        Calculus Super Secret Number Puzzle - Curve Sketching

5) Finally - the Super Secret Number Puzzle.  Students are given a series of questions.  They write their answer in each blank.  When they are finished, they add up all of their answers.  This is the Super Secret Number.  If their super secret number adds up to my secret number, they probably did the questions correctly.  Add to the fun by posting the answer in a QR Code at the front of the room - students have to scan to see if they are right!

You made it all the way to the end of the about a FREEBIE?  Check out this Quick Matching Curve Sketching Review Activity...

Curve Sketching FREEBIE!

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