Teaching Integer Operations with Dice

One of my daughters is headed to middle school next year, and I had a thought about getting her started on adding and subtracting integers.  But..she doesn't like math...sigh!!! so I have to trick her and make it into a game :)

I bought some blank dice from amazon. (48 Blank Dice)  Using a sharpie, I started with using 4 of these dice.  On one of the dies I put the positive numbers from 1 to 6, on the second die, I put the negative numbers from -1 to -6, the third die had sides with addition signs and subtraction signs, and the 4th die had = signs on all of the sides.

Here are a couple examples of what the dice look like once they are rolled.  Notice that the subtraction sign is purple - I originally did all of the dice in black, but then we couldn't tell the subtraction sign from the number one.  So, I would recommend that you use a different color on the die with the operation signs.

Can I still do this activity if I don't have dice?

Absolutely - one option is to use a random number generator.  You can find lots of them on the web, or you could even use your TI-Calculator.

I like this one...Random Number Generator

Just change the limits

And then press generate

You could do this as an entire class activity and students could take turns generating the random numbers.

Or, here is an integer dice roller website!!

Here ---  Integer Dice Roller

I hope you and your students enjoy this activity!

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