Google Forms for Formative Assessment in Math Class

Cheers to a new school year that will be unlike any school year before!

I know that all of us are looking at new and different plans...hybrid/synchronous/asynchronous/ fully in person/fully remote...the list goes on.   I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish teaching kids in the classroom at the same time as teaching kids at home.  

One thing I am going to try using is Google Forms.  I am currently developing short (10 questions or less) Google Form Quizzes for many topics in Geometry and Calculus.  These will be multiple choice or short answer questions.  Here's an example:

When student open the google form, they will start by entering their name.  Then the questions will pop up.  In order to eliminate the problem of typing math notation in Google, I am designing all of my questions and multiple choice answers in PowerPoint.  Then I enter the question as a picture, and the students only need to enter their multiple choice answer.

Since this form is set to a quiz, google will grade it for me - a life saver!  But, how do I ensure that kids are actually doing the work?  It's easy for them to just tell each other the answers.  The solution I have come up with for now is to have them submit a picture of their work for each question through an assignment in our LMS (we use Schoology).  I can give feedback on their work in Schoology.  [Suggestion: Give students an organized way to submit their work - such as a predesigned form that gives specific boxes for students to show work for each specific question.  That way you are not looking everywhere for their work.]  These quizzes can be used as exit tickets or short homework assignments that can inform your instruction for the next class period.

Interested in checking out the entire package of the Geometry or Calculus Google Forms?

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