Review of Two Great TPT Items

I am happy to meet new friends online as I work on expanding my store. Today I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Smith-Sloane. She has a very nice blog called Live.Teach.Create  where she shares some of her creations in action.

She also has plenty of items for sale in her Teacher Store.  I have bought several things from her and she has also very generously given me a couple of items that I can review for you here today.

First up is a set of Volume Task Cards.

There are 6 task cards altogether.  I think this would be a great partner activity.  Students could each try the problem and then compare their answers, or they could work together.

There is a picture of a 3d solid on each card (sphere, prism, cylinder).  The dimensions of each shape are given.  Then students are asked to find the volume and surface area of each shape.

I think this activity could be used for junior high through high school geometry.  Of course, depending on the level of students, it will take more or less time.

If you have ever taught kids about volume or surface area, you know that they need all the practice they can get!

Second, we have a set of sequence task cards, entitled All About Sequences.

In this activity, there are 12 different task cards - 4 on a page.  These could easily be cut out and laminated to you can use them year after year.  The clipart is water themed.  The problems deal with various themes that students might encounter.

There is also a very nicely formatted answer sheet included where students can put their final answers.  In fact, Jennifer suggests that you might use this as a scoot activity and/or use dry erase boards for students to do their work.  There is something so much more exciting about writing on dry erase boards than on plain old boring paper!

I think this activity could be used for junior for sure, and maybe Algebra One.

Thanks Jennifer, for working with me on this blog exchange!

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