Need a Fun Math Valentine Activity?

I have picked out a few fun middle school and high school mathValentine Activities that I love from TPT...

1)  I like this activity that helps students practice graphing line segments - but it has a twist.  They also have to practice their symmetry skills to graph a complete heart.  Cool idea!  Graphing Heart Activity

2) Working on Prime and Composite Numbers?  This is a short coloring activity that students can use to  practice!  If students color the numbers correctly, they will reveal a fun hidden picture.  A great activity for the day of the Valentine party.  Prime and Composite Valentine Coloring Activity

3)  Although this might be more of a middle school activity, I like the concept.  Fun Valentine-themed word problems to keep things educational, but also fun.  Another great activity for the day of the party. Valentine Themed Word Problems

4) Love these word problems about percent.  Again, another fun valentine themed activity.  Valentine Themed Word Problems

5)  This is my own activity - a Find My Match Factoring Activity.  I found foam hearts in the Target dollar spot and wrote a trinomial to factor on one heart and the two binomials that you would have to multiply together to get that trinomial on another heart.  Students are each given one heart and told to find their match.  It would probably help motivate the students if a small candy prize is given to those who find their match!  Factoring Find My Match Activity

6) This is also my activity - Students practice solving quadratic equations by factoring.  They work the problems given and then match their answers to a letter.  They will reveal the answer to a funny Valentine - themed riddle.  Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Valentine Themed

Have a great day!

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