New Idea In My Teacher Pay Teacher Store

This is completely different than something a high school math teacher would is more for elementary teachers or middle school teachers and it has nothing to do with math!

I used to scrapbook in my former life - I still do sometimes, but now that I have 3 children with two of them really little, I have almost no time to do it.

So I started thinking about something I could make for my TPT store that sort of involved scrapbooking.

Table Tents are what I came up with...

I don't think that is a great title, but here is a picture of what I mean.

These are cards that feature monsters dressed in Easter clothes.  There is a monster on the front of the card and a monster joke on the back.  I thought it would be cute for a teacher to print out enough for his or her class and then have a card sitting on each child's desk when they come in for class in the morning.

Easter Table Tents

These could also be used for a parent to write a Easter Basket Treasure Hunt.  In fact, that is how I intend to use some of the blank cards that can be printed.  My oldest son really enjoys solving a treasure hunt which gives him clues to the location of his Easter Basket.

I will follow this up with Happy Birthday Table Tents (the teacher puts one on the Birthday Child's desk in the morning) and General Classroom Table Tents (the teacher uses a card when a child has done something especially good or noteworthy).

Birthday Table Tents

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