Fun St. Patrick's Day Math Activities

Are you looking for something fun to do in honor of St. Patrick's Day?  Let's see what I can find on Teachers Pay Teachers...
clipart from Little Red's Clipart

1) Algebra Solving Inequalities Puzzle - In this puzzle, students practice solving inequalities by matching up pieces of a puzzle.  There are 16 pieces to the puzzle.  One of the reasons I picked out this activity is because there are 3 different levels of difficult of this puzzle, so the teacher can choose the one that is right for his or her class.

2) Geometry Shamrock Reflection, Rotation, Translation - A fun basic worksheet on transformations.  Fun way to practice some geometry topics but still have fun!  Best of all, it's FREE!

3)  Algebra Solving Multi-Step Equations Puzzle - This is my own fun, quick puzzle that students can use to practice solving multi-step equations.  There are 15 questions in this puzzle.  Students solve the equations and then match their answer to a letter.  They use the letter to solve a funny St. Patrick's Day themed riddle.

4) St. Patrick's Day Math and History - What could be better than practicing math problems and learning history at the same time!  Fun idea for sure :)

5) Leprechaun Mystery Grid Drawing - This looks like a really fun activity.  Students redraw each puzzle piece in its proper spot to make a drawing of a leprechaun.  Great!

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