Easter Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

I am joining with some other sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers this weekend to have a big sale!

This is a great opportunity to pick up my newest addition to my store - I really love how it came out!

There are four posters included in this product that are superhero themed.  These posters will hopefully help students remember the difference between positive, negative, zero, and undefined slope.  

(Speaking of undefined slope - I included two posters for undefined slope - one of them is labeled as no slope as I know that is how some books refer to it.  I personally like to refer to a vertical line as having undefined slope because I think they get no slope and zero slope mixed up.  What are your thoughts?)

Check out my store here:  Teaching High School Math

I hope you have a really happy Easter! 

(Just to be clear - this is not a site wide sale - only some people are having a sale :)

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