High School Geometry Area Worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers

In my geometry class, we are working on area.  Here are some geometry worksheets and activities that I think would be great for you and your class to use.

1.  Shady Area Partner Paper - This is a really nicely designed worksheet that should help students work on problems where part of the figure is shaded and part is unshaded.  Students really have a hard time with these!

2.  Area of Triangles Scavenger Hunt - This looks like a fun activity.  I love that it gives students some more difficult problems to work - I mean how many times can you multiply two numbers together and then divide by 2 : )  It also gets students up and moving around the room - fabulous!

3.  Circle Search - Area Edition - Here is a fun game to help students work on finding the area of a circle.  Non-metric units are used.

4. Approximating the Area of a Circle Using Rectangles - Love this idea as an extension in an honors class.  A great thing to refer back to if you teach the students again in calculus like I do!  Not too difficult, but a great tie-in to the rectangular approximation method used in calculus to estimate the area under a curve.  Best of all, it's FREE!

5.  Area of Irregular Figures - Here is my own product!  I find that students have a hard time finding the area of shapes that aren't one of the ones they conveniently have a formula for.  I don't really get why - but I guess that's why I'm a math teacher - I can see it - they don't see it right away : )

In this product, students are given a worksheet with four problems per page.  There are additional sheets that have one problem on the page which the teacher can project - the students can follow along on their own worksheet.

Here are a couple of screen shots. (Shapes are by The Enlightened Elephant at TPT)

Have a nice weekend!

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