Questions about Copyright issues when Using iBooks Author

I have lots of questions concerning iBooks author.  As I mentioned previously, my school is thinking of having students purchase their own iPad and then using one for all of their classes.  It is definitely not a done deal - there are lots and lots of issues to address.

One of my major questions is what are we going to use the iPads for?  I mean they are great...I use mine ALL the TIME!  I see how I can use it to project things and write on it while I am lecturing, but will those things really improve student learning?  There is an article I read that said that for student learning to really improve, the school should have specific goals that they are trying to address and then be sure to try to see how the iPads can be used to address those goals.  Handing kids an iPad and saying have at it does not make them a better learner...

But I digress from my main purpose of this post...

Specifically, let's focus on geometry for an example.  I would like to write my own iBook so that my students no longer have to purchase a textbook.  I would like to use iBooks Author to make my book, so students can obtain the book through iTunesU or through the iBookstore, however that is going to work.

But, the big question that is at hand...what can I legally put in my book?  We currently use the book Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge which I love.  I'd like to be able to use problems from that book in my that fair use?  I'd like to be able to use various Texas Instruments explorations that students could download to their calculator.  Can I put those in my book, can I link to them, What???  Since the kids will have basically a computer in their hand, is it ok for me to link to youtube videos to show them a cool thing that other kids did for pi day?  Can I embed the actual video?

I welcome your comments on this post.  Stay tuned for answers that I find to these questions.

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