Snippets of Video on You Tube for High School Math

This post will be a compilation of video snippets I find on You Tube or other places online that are helpful in introducing or teaching high school math.  These are not Khan Academy type videos - they are fun snippets that you can insert in your lessons when a laugh is necessary :)

1) Introducing Proof - How to Prove a Mathematical Theory - by Scott Kennedy for Ted Ed - 4:38

2) Volume of a Cylinder - Phineas and Ferb - 0:15 - Phineas and Ferb discuss the formula for finding the volume of a jar of jellybeans.

3) Pythagorean Theorem - Simpsons on the Pythagorean Theorem - 0:08 - Homer states the Theorem incorrectly.

4) Vectors - Vector from Despicable Me - 0:59 - Vector introduces himself to Gru

5) Newton vs. Leibniz - Merry Newtonmas - 1:09 - Big Bang Theory - Sheldon wants to hang a Newton ornament on the tree.

6) Crickets Chirping - The Jiminy Conjecture - 2:47 - Big Bang Theory - Sheldon counts the number of chirps of a cricket and is able to determine the type of cricket.

7) Speed and Velocity - They Might be Giants - Speed and Velocity - 1:50 - from They Might be Giants - cute video and song that will be stuck in your head :)

8) Newton vs. Leibniz - Fun Cartoonish Video about the Calculus Controversy - 7:46

9) I Will Derive - Fun Song Parody called I Will Derive - 3:16

10) Pi on Phineas and Ferb - Pies Recite the Number Pi on Phineas and Ferb - 0:17

11) Triangulation on Phineas and Ferb - a fun song about using triangles to find the height of a building - Triangulation - 0:44

12)  Systems of Equations Fox Trot Cartoon -

13)  Why Logarithms are Necessary Why Computer Colors Use Logarithms

14) Pythagorean Theorem - Ted Ed Video

15) Proving the Pythagorean Theorem Using Water - Proof Using Water

16) History of Pythagoras - History of Pythagoras with Bad Drawings

17) Sigma Notation Used to Set up the Definition of Derivative - Sigma Notation

18) Why You Can't Divide by Zero - Ted Ed Divide by Zero

[Contributions from Mrs. E Teaches Math, Doc Running, and Joan Kessler]

(If you have suggestions of things to add to this page, please leave them in the comments)

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