Using Classkick in the High School Math Classroom

Do you integrate technology into your classroom?  Are you a 1:1 iPad school?  If yes, do you wish you could find an app for your students to use that caused them to say, "I love this app!" And "Can we use this app every day?"

Let me tell you about the app Classkick.  When using this app, you can see everything your students are doing on their iPad in real time.  You can give them feedback in real time.  Best of all, you can give them a virtual sticker if they get the problem correct!

Here is a screenshot of a problem I gave to my calculus class recently.

Notice the problem is right in the Classkick app.  I typed the directions in the app and then imported a picture of a problem I wanted the students to do.  [note: there is no equation editor in Classkick as of yet.]

Here is a screenshot of one of my students' work that he did right on the iPad.

Here is a screenshot of the sticker he got when he got the problem right and you can see where I wrote Good on his work.

After briefly being creeped out when they realized I could see exactly what they were doing, my class worked diligently on the three problems I gave them.  I know it sounds completely unbelievable, but the all worked and were completely engaged.  They all wanted my attention RIGHT NOW,

The best part for me was that I could correct errors as they were happening.  Kids could ask me a question virtually and no one else had to know.  I could tell immediately who still needed practice.  It was great 😀

Beware: Once you turn the students loose with this app, their answers will come quickly and you need to be ready.  Once someone gets a message from you, or a sticker, they will all be calling out for you!   Classkick provides a feature so that students can virtually raise their hand for help or ask you to check their work.  They can also ask another student for help...however I haven't experimented with that feature yet because I was a little worried about what one student might write on another students' screen.  Depending on your class, this might be a great feature for you.

If you are interested in learning more about Classkick, here is a link to their website:  Classkick

[One thing I forgot to mention...Classkick is ABSOLUTELY FREE and students join your class by entering a class user names or passwords to remember!]

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