Desmos and Geogebra Ideas that I Want to Use in My Classroom

Do you ever find the perfect idea for a topic just AFTER you have finished teaching it?  Me too!

This isn't really a blog post, it is a collection of ideas for Desmos or Geogebra that I find that I want to use in my own classroom.  Feel free to click through the links to check out what I am finding!  Check back as I will be adding to this list.

1) Graphing equations of lines - get through the maze: (check out the blog Simplifying Radicals)

Equations of Lines Maze with Desmos

2) Inverse Graph - shows the inverse and the function and the points on each graph.  (check out the blog I Speak Math)

Inverse Graphs

Here is a worksheet that goes with it: Inverse Graph Worksheet

3) Increasing Decreasing Domain Range - uses a turtle moving along a graph to show students increasing and decreasing (check out the blog Reflections of a High School Math Teacher)

Increasing Decreasing Turtle in Motion

4)  This is a blog post that explains why we use radians instead of degrees in calculus.

Why do We Use Radians?

5) Here is an activity to do as an introduction to radians from (Math Teacher Nerd)


1. Using a compass, make a circle on this sheet of paper.

2. Measure the length of the radius and measure a piece of yarn to that length.

3. Using that yarn, lay the yarn on the circle and mark the circle arc that is one yarn's length.

4. Using a protractor, how many degrees (approximately) is this?

5. Now, continue to measure the circle using your yarn. How many yarns (radii) make up a circle?

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