Crossword Puzzles in High School Math

Do crossword puzzles help students learn vocabulary?  There have been studies done which have shown that crossword puzzles help students study and retain vocabulary.  (For example, see Crossword Puzzles help with vocabulary - granted this is a study about learning vocabulary in a foreign language, but hey...sometimes math seems like a foreign language :)  In addition, students love crossword puzzles...need something quick for students to try - use a crossword!

I recently came across a really neat website that will allow you to make crossword puzzles for your students.  Granted, you do have to pay for this website ($19.95 to get lifetime access to create as many puzzles as you want), but there are many reasons to like this site.

1) You can either design and make the puzzle yourself or you can let the program auto arrange your words and clues.

2) You can print the puzzles and the answers.

3) You can share the puzzle with your students online - and the puzzles are solvable online - awesome if you are a 1:1 school!  I can't wait to let my students try this on their iPads after Spring Break!

4) You can start the puzzle on one computer and finish on another.  Save it as a pdf... Print it from home or school!

5) Also, you can embed your puzzle on your website.  Try my triangle vocabulary puzzle below.

[ provided me with a free subscription to their website, but the opinions expressed in this blog post are entirely my own.]

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