Factoring Color by Number and a FREEBIE!

Coloring is all the rage and I decided to create a project for my students that allowed them to show their creative side!

I started by finding this outline of a mandala online.  I created 13 factoring problems and put factors in each space in the mandala.  

Each student factored all 13 of the problems and chose a color that they wanted to use for each section.  If you notice carefully in my picture, you can see that although all of the pictures are colored using different colors, they are all colored in the same pattern.  For example, no matter which picture you look at, you will see that the outermost petals that are towards the top, bottom, left, and right are always colored the same color in any student's flower project.

Would you like a copy of this project for yourself?

Download your copy [FOR FREE :) here:  Factoring Color By Number Project

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