First Day Activity for High School Math

This would be a great activity to use for the first day of a high school math class where students know how to solve multi-step equations.  I plan to use it for the first day of Geometry class.  It will be ever so much more fun that just TELLING students where to sit.

I purchased 2 sets of My Name Is cards from the Target Dollar Spot.  Then I made up 30 different equations.  However, there are 2 equations whose solutions are the same number.  For example, you can see from the picture above that the top two equations both have a solution of -6.

Pass out one card to each student as they enter the room.  Give them a couple of minutes to solve the equation.  I will have the desks pre-numbered with the solutions to the equations.  So, for example, somewhere in the room there will be two desks next to each other with -6 on them.  As students find their seats, ask them to trade cards with the student who has an equation with the same solution.  This way all solutions should be verified.

Since students now have a partner, they can introduce themselves and find out something interesting about the other student.

Do you like this idea?  You can find the activity with the cards premade for you in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here:  Partner Solving Equations Activity

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