Making a Breakout Box {Escape Room} for Math Class

Let me tell you...making a breakout box for your class to use is no small task!  But, I had a lot of fun making it and I am hoping my students will have a lot of fun with it too.  I am planning to use this as a first day activity in my Calculus class to review some necessary skills and avoid the first day here are the rules speech.

In order to make a Breakout Box, you first need to gather your supplies.

There is a company you can order a box with supplies from [Breakout Edu], but I wanted to buy my own supplies and make a couple of changes.

Here are the supplies I used (with some links to amazon if you're interested):

1) 16 inch toolbox - I bought this from WalMart
2) Directional Lock {Amazon Directional Lock}
3) Hyper Tough Tool Bag - I bought this from WalMart
4) Word Lock {Amazon Word Lock}
5) Vaultz Binder Locking Pouch {Vaultz Locking Binder Pouch}
6) Blank Jigsaw Puzzles {Amazon Jigsaw Puzzles}
7) Black Light Flashlights {Black Light Flashlight}
8) Invisible Ink Pens {Amazon Invisible ink pens - set of 3}

I ended up buying enough to make 4 complete breakout boxes.  It was expensive, but I am hoping that I will be able to use these supplies several times a year.

To start this activity, I will hand each group of students a card with directions, 4 problem cards, and the locked toolbox to begin.  Students solve the 4 problems which will give them the combination to the first lock which will be on the large toolbox.

Inside the large toolbox, students will find the Hyper Tough Tool Bag and 5 additional problems on cards.  Students solve these problems and unscramble the letters so they can figure out the combination to the word lock.

Inside the Hyper Tough Tool Bag, students will find 3 final problems on cards and the Vaultz Binder Locking Pouch.  Students solve these 3 problems to determine the combination the Binder Pouch.

Inside the binder pouch, students will find a jigsaw puzzle they need to put together along with a black light flashlight.  Students put the puzzle together and then use the black light to read the secret message on the puzzle which is written in invisible ink.

The invisible ink tells the students where they should go to get their treat.  I am giving candy bars as the treat :)

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