Improve Critical Thinking - Use Secret Code Puzzles

Here's my newest puzzle series...

The Secret Code Puzzle!

In this set of puzzles, students are given a series of clues to the digits in a number.  Using these clues, students discover the secret code.

Here's an example of one of the cards.

Depending on the grade level, students may attempt to solve this problem in several ways.  Algebra students may set up equations, but middle level students may just use guess and check.

One of my hopes out of using these cards is for students to work with the language in these problems.  Understanding how to write math equations from math words is very important!

You can use this in Google Slides or print out the digital task cards.  Great for distance or face to face learning!

Here is the printable version:

Here is a link to the Google Slides version in my TPT Store:

Secret Lock Google Slides Digital Version

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