Sub Plans for High School Math Class - Webquests are Perfect!

Distance learning ... hybrid learning ... asynchronous learning ...   we're all learning different terms right now!  Here is a type of activity would be great in any of these settings...Webquests!

I have used these types of activities in my classroom for a number of years.  I enjoy using them because they explore topics that are different than those traditionally taught in the classroom, such as history and applications of math.

The general idea is that you give students either a list of clues or a list of questions that can be researched online.  There may be a link to an online video or activity within the webquest.  The bottom line is that the students need the internet to complete the activity.

Do you ever need a sub plan?  (who doesn't!!!)  When you need a sub plan, it is great to have a webquest in your box of tools.  Many webquests can be used any time of year - they are not dependent on specific content already having been taught.

One webquest that I designed and have used over and over again in my classroom is a famous mathematician webquest.  In this webquest, students are given clues to 20 famous mathematicians.  Students use the internet to discover which mathematician is being discussed.  Recently, I reformatted this webquest and added a word search.  If you've purchased this webquest previously, go back and redownload!  If you're interested in purchasing, check it out :)  (click the picture below).

History of Math Famous Mathematicians Project 

I have several other webquests in my store...including one for Pi Day, one for the Golden Ratio, and my newest webquest teaches students about Check Digits used in UPC Codes and Credit Cards.

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  2. Great idea for substitute teachers (or anytime). Students love to be online and having them search for something educational and meaningful will keep them engaged. It incorporates history as well - and let's not forget about literacy. Thanks.

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