High School Math Pixel Art - They Loved It!

I have been so busy with my own classes and elearning, I haven't been able to do anything with my blog! 
But, we had so much fun in class today, that I wanted to pop in and write about it. 

I have seen a lot of other people making "pixel art" and I just haven't had time to try to make some myself. However, recently I found something at Teachers Pay Teachers that I could use as a template to make my own - all the hard work was done for me!  (Check out Hello Algebra)

I started by making a pretty simple Pixel Art Challenge for my daughters who are just beginning to learn to multiply 2 Digit by 2 Digit numbers.  The idea is simple - they type the correct answers in the boxes and a portion of the picture appears.  If they get the answer incorrect, the answer box turns red and no parts of the picture appears :(

Here is a picture of what that activity will look like in Google Sheets.

After I got the hang of things in Google Sheets, I have created several more of these activities.

Here's a video that shows how my System of Equations Activity works.

Check out all of my pixel art activities in my TPT store!

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