Scratch Off Cards in Math Class - Fun!

I am always looking for fun ways to motivate my students.  Recently I came across scratch off stickers on amazon...who knew these were a thing?  I have seen people make their own scratch off cards before, but it seemed difficult to me and maybe a bit messy.  So, I've never tried it.

But, when I came across these stickers, I knew I had to get some.  They are so easy to use.  They truly are just a sticker which you put over what ever you want revealed when the student scratches off the sticker.  They only thing you have to be slightly careful about is to make sure that the words or picture that will be revealed are the right size.

The stickers I got were 1 inch circles, so that is how I designed my cards.  Here is a link to the stickers on amazon. [Scratch Off Stickers - Silver]

Here is what the cards looked like after I printed them and added the stickers.

I think my students will love using these!


  1. What prizes do you give to high school students?

  2. I have been looking through your blog and really like all of the items you have created! You really take the engagement level of the students within your classroom into account when creating these lessons and activities! I will certainly be coming back to your blog for reference!

  3. I enjoy scrolling through your various resources. They are plenty of engaging activities that involve would keep the students engaged. Thank you for sharing.

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