Super Secret Number Puzzles for Math Class

Who doesn't love a good mystery?  But, in math class - let's face it, our students need to practice!

So, I have developed an entire line of practice puzzles that I have been using to get my students to practice, while also generating a bit of excitement at the same time.

Meet...the Super Secret Number Puzzle!

Each Super Secret Number Puzzle contains between 8 and 10 questions.  For example, here is a copy of my Solving One Step Equations Puzzle.

Students work to solve each question and write their answers in the blanks to the left.  When they are finished, they add up all of their answers.  This is the Super Secret Number.

After a bit of time has passed, I tell the students what the Super Secret Number should be.  If their SSN matches my SSN, they probably did the problems correctly.

As an option, most puzzles come with a QR Code that you can post.  Students can then scan the QR Code to check to see if they are correct.  For example, the QR Code that goes with the solving one step equations puzzle looks like this:

Students 💖 these puzzles!

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