Hey, Mrs. Lamb - All the Cool Kids Are Here!

There are a few stories that have affected me over my years of teaching.  Some have made me sad and some have made me happy - some have made me re-evaluate everything.  Here is one of the happy stories mixed in with a little bit of re-evaluation...

A number of years ago, one of my students was an aspiring film maker.  He was entering a film contest with a film that he had made from start to finish - who does that?  I have no idea how you would even do that!  He was a great kid - I thought he was pretty confident and a great role model.

So, he arranged with our principal to have a screening of his film in our theater one Friday night.  I don't remember the name of the film, but it seems to me that it was some kind of spoof on Indiana Jones.  I liked the kid, so I decided to go to the film screening.

As I was standing there watching the kids come in, I saw him standing off to the side watching the kids come in too.  He looked excited and a little nervous.  I had no idea what the turnout for the film would be - how disappointing to him if NO ONE CAME!  But kids were coming - and lots of kids - they really seemed interested.

Finally, right before the film started, he came over to me with his eyes only a teenager's can...he said - "Mrs. Lamb, I can't believe it - all the cool kids are here!"  I thought he was pretty that just goes to show you - all teenagers can use a boost to their self-confidence!

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