Received My TI-Navigator System

Woo-hoo - I am excited.  I received my Texas Instruments Navigator system in the mail today.  Thank you to Texas Instruments who provided a free system to our school in exchange for sending in calculator proof-of-purchases!

This system will allow me to send and receive documents to and from my students wirelessly - saving paper and time!  Also, as students are working on documents, I will be able to see all of their calculator screens on my computer screen - how cool is that : )  Not only can I be sure that all students are on task, but I can also poll my students.

I have installed the software on my computer, and now I am ready to try putting the "hat" on top of my calculator which will allow my calculator to communicate with the wireless server.  So far, I am a little confused about the logging in process.  However, we had a workshop here last year and it was an easy process then, so I am sure I will get it figured out.

I am really looking forward to using this system with my students.

Stay tuned for a High School Teachers Blog Hop on Saturday!

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