Quadrilateral RoundUp

I have just finished the quadrilaterals unit with my Geometry Honors class.  I have found several things on Teachers Pay Teachers that have been very helpful for me.  So, I would like to feature my top five here.

1) Students need to learn the properties of quadrilaterals to be successful in this unit.  There seem to be many types of lessons on TPT that help students to learn the properties.  The one I liked was by Brenda Callaway.  It had students graph points, connect the dots, and then make measurements to discover the properties of that particular quadrilateral.  Quadrilateral Lab

2) I think a chart of some type helps students organize the information in their heads.  Here is one that I like by Leslie Mohlman.  Quadrilateral Chart

3)  I like to use a couple of worksheets during this unit so students have lots of algebraic practice finding missing parts of quadrilaterals.  I didn't find quite what I wanted this year - maybe that is something I can make next!

4) I love the Quadrilateral Detective project by Emily Allman.  It just sounds like it would be an exciting, fun thing to do!  This is an excellent culminating project for the unit.  My students loved it!   Quadrilateral Detective Project

5)  Finally, I would like to show you my own Quadrilateral Christmas Card Project.  Basically, in this project, students use all 6 (square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, kite, and trapezoid) of the quadrilaterals we have talked about to make a mosaic style Christmas card.  Here is one of my favorite cards that any of my students have ever done.  Can you see how all of the pieces are quadrilaterals?

Here is a link to the product on the TPT store:  Quadrilateral Christmas Card Project

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